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>> Friday, July 3, 2009

Burrito means a small donkey in Spanish. They are Tex-Mex food and found in the border states of Mexico and all over the US. I'm not quite sure why they are called this, if you look it up on Wikipedia it says that it's because they resemble either a donkey's ear or the rolls of blankets that the donkeys carry. I don't know, because I didn't have a "burrito" until I went to the states. The variety and ingredients that you can put into a burrito are endless. Not to mention the different ways to cook or fry it, to add sauce outside or inside, what kind of sauce, well it goes on and on. This recipe is both simple and quick for a lunch or a dinner, if you add rice and or meat you can make a big meal out of it. This recipe is so simple that I sometimes feel like I'm cheating, but what can I say when my husband loves these bean burritos with just beans, tortillas, some salsa and cheese, ( so easy to please:).

Your ingredients:
cooked refried beans (see recipe)
flour tortillas
spicy fresh salsa (I'm using pico de gallo aka mexican salsa)
grated cheese ( any Mexican cheeses or cheddar,edam, or crumbled Feta - what I'm using)
Jalapenos or any hot pepper sliced (optional)

1. Warm up your tortillas either in the microwave or on a hot griddle/skillet, for a 1 or 2 only on each side. tip: you don't want to over heat the tortilla or it will become hard and crack. 2.Place your tortilla on a plate, spread some beans on it ( you choose how fat you want your burrito) 3. Add your fresh salsa,peppers and top with cheese. 4. roll it up like the photo above. If you want you can fold both top and bottom ends to make it less messy for eating.Now you can add rice to your plate, if you want, or I am serving mine with spicy pickled carrots and peppers (recipe coming soon).
Serve with a nice cold beer or your drink of choice and ENJOY! now wasn't that fast and easy?

(*I will be adding other variety of burritos soon. *)


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